The Parent Tool box…

So, since taking on the challenging of parenting, I have come to realise there are several pieces of ‘equipment’ that every parent needs. Call them the tools of the trade, if you will. But without them, you might well end up eating soup out of a pan and trying to console yourself your not the worst parent in the world for forgetting to bring something for the harvest festival…


1.) Plenty of clean sheets 

Not just for the child, but for you also. Because when they are done wetting their own bed, they tend of crawl into yours and do the same.

2.) A carpet cleaner

For all the poo, wee, vomit, boggies, spilled drinks, squished beans, bits of play dough and anything else you can think of that will inevitably work its way into your carpet

3.) Unisex wrapping paper

For ALL the birthdays kids friends have. And add to that, plenty of ‘just encase’ cards

4.) A baby sitter

An essential to life with children. If you have a new born, even an hour away just to sit with your partner (and fall asleep), without continual crying.Lets face it, a life without sex, sleep and adult conversation can be very hard- so have a few hours break every now and then

5.) Access to your emails, all the time

In order to avoid being the only mum who turns up without anything for the harvest festival, its best to have instant access to your emails so you can always know what parent mail is demanding of you

6.) A dishwasher

I don’t own one. And its the BANE OF MY LIFE. I don’t know how other parents have homes so spotless and dirty-washing-up-free if they don’t own one of these. I do not have one of these homes. I try, I really do. But there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up!! Sadly we rent, so the unless the magic washing-up fairy visits, I will shall forever be playing the game of clearing the sink, or yes, I will end up eating soup out of a pan because I have no bowls left…again


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