His favorite ‘spot’

As a child, I am told I was hard to control.

What I’ve always taken this to mean was my parents were too weak to follow through on a punishment and as a result, my behavior was never brought under control.

Well now I’m ready to eat some humble pie. It seems like you do a lot of that when you have kids.

It turns out, children are basically impossible to control.

Sure, you can decide on ‘techniques’. You can watch the Three Day Nanny and as much of Jo Frost as is physically possible. You can read all the books under the sun. You can even-dare I say it- watch other parents and naively promise yourself you’ll never make the same parenting mistakes as them.

But when it comes down to it, you will. Because you will be so utterly frustrated, you’ll use what ever you’ve got.

When we put our child on the spot, he laughs. If he doesn’t laugh, he’ll have a chat with you. Unfortunately, he can see everything from his spot on the stairs. I think he regards it as his throne. It’s his favorite place in the house.

If you don’t reply, he’ll just give you running commentary on what your doing. He’ll even sing.

None of this is what happens when you watch Jo Frost now, is it? You see the children screaming and shouting, clawing their way off the spot. They cry and beg for a juice, they need a poo, their sorrrrryyyyy please mummmyyyyy…..

Not our boy. Oh no. Happy as Larry.


The only screaming and shouting that comes from putting our little angel on the spot, is from us! (well me really)

Out of sheer frustration, I find myself descending into a child like state myself. If he makes his trade mark whinge sound, so do I! I do it because I know this to be the only thing on the planet that appears to provoke a feeling of dislike from him! He has a habit of screaming when he’s angry, and yep, you guessed it, I’ve been known to do it back. Or he’ll clap in your face- I guess to intimidate you. So yeah, done that too. He absolutely hates it when I do anything he does to me, back to him.

It’s awful I know. I’m an awful parent. Of this, I am aware. My husband has enough self control not to get to this level. I don’t know how, but I just thank god one of us remains sane.

This is not what I imagined will happen with the spot. What am I doing wrong? What else can I do? I really feel like he controls me and not the other way round. How much more Jo Frost can I watch????




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