Welcome to my bog. If you want a real, funny, but sometimes brutally honest account of motherhood, your in the right place.

I am not a baking cookies and singing about rainbows type of mummy. Last time I tried to bake, the fire alarm went off for so long the neighbours actually came to check on us. It’s not an unusual event in this house for my husband to iron his pants dry before work,because the washing never quite got to the drier in time. I rarely sing songs about rainbows, because my child I demands I sign the Star Wars theme tune instead.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my child dearly. But no one ever really prepares you for it, do they? We all know about the sleepless nights that are to come, and the stretch marks and the smelly nappies. But what about the real challenges?

What about when your child points at the old lady on the bus and asks why, at the top of their voice, she has a beard? What about when they walk in right when you were about to have a ‘special cuddle’ with daddy? What about when the days when they seem to be on the spot more than they are off it?

And why do some people make it look SO DAM EASY?


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